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LPO Clutter Scavenger Hunt 5 – Socks

by Laurel Plum

Join the Laurel Plum Online Scavenger HuntWelcome to the Laurel Plum Online Clutter Scavenger Hunt. If you missed the explanation post, take a minute to read about the scavenger hunt.

Today we are going to tackle your sock drawers.

Go to your sock drawer and pull all of the socks out.  Look through the singles to try to match them with their mate.  Lay any remaining singles aside.

Take the pairs and unfold them but keep the mates together.  Examine each sock.  Look for holes and threadbare spots.  You and your feet deserve better than that.  Darn them, toss them, or mark them with a permanent marker and add them to your cleaning rags.  When you see a marked sock you will know it is for dusting and not for wearing. If you do not mark them, they will continue to end up back in your sock drawer.

Do you have colored socks that have paled?  White socks that have yellowed?  Do you have socks that you know you never wear?  Do you or your kids have socks that are too little? Why not donate all of them? Or you could use them to make sock puppets.

Fold the remaining mates and return them to the drawer.  Put the singles into a zipper bag.  Mark the bag with today’s date and take them to the laundry room.  If you can’t find the mates in a reasonable amount of time, you never will. Use them as dust rags or let them go.

Ladies, go ahead and check you hosiery, too.  Look for holes and runs.  Look for single knee highs.

Other Considerations:

  • When you buy casual socks, try to buy one style in bulk for each family member.  This makes it easier to identify who the sock belongs to and makes folding easier because they all match each other.
  • How many pairs of socks do you really need at any given time? You can easily do the math.  If you wear one pair every single day all you need to do is determine how many days there are in between your wash cycles.  That number gives you the maximum number of sets you should have of each type of footwear.
  • Look into getting drawer dividers to separate your socks.  You sort them by season worn, by sporty vs. dressy, by color or any other way that makes sense to you.  Dividers are fairly inexpensive.  If you can reach in and instantly grab the pair you need, you can add time back to your day.  If you can not find dividers, you can get long strips of balsam wood from craft stores or doll house builder suppliers. The strips can be scored to the appropriate length and glued into place with wood glue or nailed in place with short finishing nails.
  • Consider putting your socks into hosiery bags when you take them off.  You can throw the whole bag into the wash.  No more single socks.

Your Socks:

Let us know if you have any tips or tricks that will make life a little easier. There is always someone who finds something funny or unexpected when they are going through an area.  If you are that person, please share the story with us in the comments.

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1 Susan August 26, 2008 at 8:44 pm

A sock hunt is just what I need, especially since I found some more socks taking a vacation between the washer and dryer. What a fun idea.
Your site looks very helpful. I know I’ll be using many of the ideas posted here. Thanks for visiting my site so I could get to know you. :-)

Susans last blog post..August Declutter Challenge – Day 26 (Medicinal Cupboard)

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